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When I first started out on my own I was clueless of everything. I didn’t know the first thing about going on your own or business in general. Talk to me about fitness and nutrition and I can talk to you all day. But talk to me about business and ill look at you like crazy eyes from Mr. Deeds.



So I went to seminars. Jumped into mentorships. And looked for advice wherever I could find it. 


One piece of advice in particular that stood out to me was “pay yourself first”. Yes you need to budget and do your percentages for expenses and what not. But pay yourself first.


I liked that. Not like in a greedy way or anything. But because I felt like it applied to alot of things. 


That piece of advice was in the context of money and seems simple. 


But coming from someone who’s entire life has been about putting others first it was a big paradigm shift. 


It isn’t about being selfish or anything. Its about making sure the captain of the ship that is your life is taken care of and therefore the crew will be too. 


It’s easy to get burnt out or “not have enough time” for yourself. I whole heartedly belief that yes a life lived for others is a life worth living. But none of that matters if you’re dying yourself or are on a crash course to burn out city. 


So i’m here to bestow this same piece of advice to you but in a different context. One that I feel is more valuable than money. 




We’re already practically at the end of January in this new year so I know all the motivational rah rah is winding down. But give me just one quick second as this one piece of advice will make sure you dont give up on your goals by may or fall apart before you ever get to reach them. 


Shit gets chaotic at the beginning of the year. Kids back to school. Vacations are over. Work stuff has you tied down. 


Its all stuff that is inevitable. Its bound to be chaotic (chaos is another subject for another day so remind me to tell you about it ok.). 


In the midst of it all, one of the best things you can do for yourself is “pay yourself first”. Money is cool, pay yourself first or put away 10-20% of anything you earn for some F-it money. But what i’m talking about is paying yourself time first.


If you’re sitting down on sunday night thinking about all the things you have to do the coming week…..


Kids have soccer practice (I dont even know if its in season????)


You have 2 presentations at work


You’ve got a significant other that requires time


So and so is gonna be out of the office and you’ve gotta cover for them


Car has to be taken for an oil change


The list goes on….


Before all else, make sure numero uno is taken care of. All those things are fine. Its life. But dont lose yourself to it. 


Set aside time for yourself to do the things that make you …..well, you! The things that you wanna improve on and accomplish. 


I know for me personally, there are a few things that Ive learned keep me sane. And if I dont have some time for myself to do it I start falling apart quick. 


I know I need to put aside time for myself to read, workout, write, meditate, fuck around (yes I literally have to remind myself to fuck around), and be creative. If I don’t, slowly but surely I start falling apart and hit a wall. 


So I make sure I pay myself first time wise first so I can pay everything else with ease.  I know time is a funny thing that people dont feel they have enough of. Which might be true for some (like 10%). I don’t like being cheesy but its true, you dont find time you make it. 

So make time for yourself and budget your time for yourself first. Make time for you to workout, sip tea, play chess, I dont know whatever it is that you like to do. 

Don’t have enough time for things? Thats cool. Wake up earlier. What? Thats crazy? Sure it maybe crazy but at least its not insane (look up Einstein’s definition of insanity). Doing the same thing over and over has gotten you this far hasn’t it. Why not try something else? 


Waking up an hour earlier isn’t gonna kill you. You’ll adapt. You’ll get used to it. Cutting out TV time won’t kill you. You won’t even miss it……..maybe. 


My point is in a world thats full of to do’s…..


Make sure you do you first.


To quote a friend, “dont nobody do me like I do me”….


So you do you.





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