Waist Trainers And Lifting

I usually get random questions in my email all the time. Every once in a while there will be a bunch that are so similar it can’t be by coincidence. For example, I’m not sure what awards show was on TV but I got a ton of emails asking about J.Lo. What types of workouts she does. What drugs is she on. Ect. Same thing with Bradley Cooper after American Sniper.

Bradley cooper


So it brings up a few flags when there are a bunch of questions on a similar topic. Today i’ve gotten at least 10 on the same subject. The only thing I could think of is the mega influencer that is the grams of insta (aka. instagram) is promoting the shit outta these things today.


The waist trainer or “Squeem” (there’s so many jokes I can make about that, but for the good of the colony ill just let it slide). Not to be confused with those wraps stuff. Im talking about the corset type stuff.

Waist trainer Waist trainer men


Now i’m not one to bash anything. Honestly I try to find the good in things before I start picking at to see if its worth it. So i’ll just post my opinion on it to save time since I feel the wave of questions is only the beginning.


First and foremost the waist trainer does provide results. It does squeeze your waist a few inches tighter. It’s basically a corset. Anything bound together for prolonged periods of time will adjust to it.


How it does so is what you should look at before making any rash decisions.

In a nutshell the way they work is by causing atrophy (muscle loss) in your core, obliques, and erectors (low back muscles). Think of a cast. When you break your arm or leg for example, you’ll lose muscle around it from not being used. Basic use it or lose it principle. So with these “squeems”, everything is bound and supported and really doesn’t need to support itself. So things atrophy and become weaker.

The second thing is displacement. Organs move around to be able to fit the new tiny space. Giving your torso little such a small room to work with forces internal organs to move around just to fit. No matter if the organ isn’t meant to be there or isn’t optimal there. Ribs also get displaced to be able to keep it intact.

Lungs are another one that have to adjust. Not so much the shape and placement of the lungs but the actual depth of the breath and breathing patterns.

The rib displacement and everything isn’t permanent. Once you take it off for a while things will expand and adjust as it should. The damage that was done during though might not be as temporary. There has been plenty of horror stories.


Now that we’ve explained how it works we can look at who this would be good for and ok for.

For the lifter and fitness enthusiast. Things like a weakened core and low back are big nope!



Bench presses


ect. all rely heavily on those main muscles. Without them or a weakened pair of them creates a whole list of chaos from loss of strength to injuries and mobility tweaks.

So if you’re a serious lifter that alone should be a pretty good reason enough.

Next thing is the whole lung constriction. Ever try running sprints and feel like your lungs are gonna explode and you can’t catch your breath? Ever try doing that with a corset on? Or really any type of exercise for that matter.

More and more figure and fitness competitors (mainly bikini) are starting to jump on this bandwagon looking for an edge. Most end up realizing quickly all the points above and stop. Others end up with “unexplainable” injuries. And some end up with no bad side effects at all.

Its not just women though. Men use these things too. There are mens versions just like there are mens spanx.

Male bodybuilders often use weightlifting belts for similar reason though most use it for back support. Most of the friends I know that use them have years of grinding behind them and need all the support they can get to continue lifting heavy and progressing. Others use them for similar reasons as above. Its the same concept except lifting belts aren’t as constrictive and work to a lesser degree.

If you scroll around the grams of insta and see the ones that are the biggest promoters of it more than likely you’ll find them to be petite models or curvy models. Main thing being they’re models.

So with that being said, if you get paid on how your body looks a certain type of way. Rather than the way it performs or health. Then there would be some merit to wear a waist trainer type if thats your profession. Just as with any sport I’m pretty sure the modeling industry is pretty cut throat and getting any edge you can helps with making sure you’re getting the big bucks. I really don’t know how the modeling industry works I retired from it early to jump into fitness and nutrition and stuff so it could’ve changed over the years. Don’t know, I might make a come back though.



But if you’re a serious lifter or even a recreational lifter. Looking the part isn’t as great and performing for the part. So id say this would be a NO for you.

But don’t worry. Don’t get discouraged. I have a few tips for you that help with getting similar results.

  1. Lose bodyfat– This is one way to look leaner while still being healthy and performing optimally 🙂
  2. Vacuum– Bring back the old school vacuum exercises. I really don’t know why these aren’t being performed as much as they should be. They’re awesome and don’t take too much time. Just draw everything in and hold for 20 seconds. Rest and repeat that 5x. Do it daily.
  3. Eat better– This goes with fat loss but it still has to be said.





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