One of the biggest untold secrets in the fitness game


Note to self: Nature and physics show an ebb and flow to all things. The tides ebb and flow. Nature goes through seasons. There’s day and night. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. All these clues pointing you to one of the most important things to learn in life. Even the great Bruce Lee preached about it. All of these and you still dont realize that balance is the key! You’re gonna learn it this time, I’m not gonna write this afuckin’again.           – Quote from a book i’ll probably never write  



Ive had people tell me that I write well and I should write a book. To which I reply thank you and writing a book is definitely on my bucket list……………the problem is I have no clue on what that book would even be about. 


If someone were to take a peek into my brain they would go mad and end up like Britney in 2007.




There’s a million things going on that I wouldn’t even know what that book would be about. 


Until now………….. (maybe).


The biggest thing I struggle with isn’t trying to learn new things constantly, falling down rabbit holes of info,  finding things to keep my ADD at bay, procrastinating, or shit memory or anything. 


The biggest thing I struggle with is balance. 



As much as id like to say it was an epiphany of mine one day. I feel like its been one of those quiet things ive known that I never actually wanted to look at. When I really dissect all of the things I do it always one way or another ends up with finding balance with it.


 I try a supplement. I love it. I overdose on said supplement. I stop taking it. Then restart until I finally find balance. 


I like a certain genre of books. Buy 50 of them on amazon. Get overloaded with it and never want to read that genre again. Then a month later I go back to it and find the right balance of it. 


Figuring out how balance ties into life was the actual epiphany part. 


Here’s where it ties into this health and fitness journey. Contrary to what super famous trainer on instagram says, there’s no such thing as forever fat loss……


Sure its cool to be in beast mode all the time and grind day in and day out like the peeps on instagram say to do. Train insane, count your macros, balls to the wall, pedal to the metal all day everyday.


While it sounds cool and makes for cool hashtags……I’m sorry, the body doesn’t work that way. It adapts and does everything in its power to find homeostasis. Which is why people hit plateaus and “walls” while dieting and its time to use tricks up our sleeves to jump start things or just give your body breathing room altogether. (Interesting factoid: People with long term body recomposition goals spend about 70-80% in a plateau state. Its ok, its supposed to be that way. )


Homeostasis:  The tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment even when faced with external changes. 


Systematically your body is a pro at finding balance.  Think of it as one giant unit. Now hear me out real quick. Im not getting all ju juey or woo woo open up your chakras like. But as much as your mind and body are separate (and yes the quotes on instagram are right about leading the mind and the body will follow), they both work together to keep things running smoothly. 


Picture these next things as cylinders:



Fitness and health

Self improvement







Both the mind and the body work together to keep everything on the up and up. Everything has to balance in order to fire 100%. Brace yourself really quick because what I’m about to tell you was heartbreaking for me……………you can’t fire 100% on all of these cylinders simultaneously. At least not for long periods of time. *Gasp* I know right! That was my same reaction! I wanna be limitless!


The truth is all of those cylinders are firing at the right percentage to keep everything working together. Sometimes some of those cylinders fire more than others. Sometimes when you have alot on your plate you fire most of them at 100%………..but you also feel the effects from it fast. Stress, no energy, no sleep, no appetite, lazy, depressed, etc. All these things are like your bodies check engine light to get you to take a look under your hood and see what needs adjusting. 


Just knowing this and understanding this alone will help you greatly. If you hadn’t known this, you’d be stuck on the hamster wheel like most of us are, tired and frustrated at spinning our wheels forcing 100% on a cylinder when another cylinder really needs it. Its ok to focus on that other cylinder, the one you focus less on will understand. Even better, it will go on autopilot (autopilot are the habits built in for that cylinder).


Here’s the thing about health, fitness, and the real world. Its all about balance!


Its one of the things thats often overlooked or put in the not important file. Trust me I had that file full too. 


Ive seen it time and time again with clients stressed at work, school, the kids, projects, and everything. Then being frustrated with their health and fitness because it feels like grinding their gears. 


Ive had to sit them down and give them the talk that I’m basically giving you. 


First and foremost realize that you’re in this for the long haul. Yes abs for summer is cool and all but you’re in this to have abs for summer for years to come and not just in 3 mos and then stop. Once you realize that you’re in it for the long haul it gives you the opportunity to take a step back and see what cylinders really need 100% and which ones need to be on auto pilot for the time being.


Remember what auto pilot is? The habits you built for that cylinder. 


For health and fitness it could be habits like:

Working out 3x a week minimum

Drinking 2 super shakes a day

Eating good quality whole food


Being on autopilot like that will keep things running just fine until the other cylinders are ok enough for you to fire 100% on this one. 


If the summer is on your mind and your fitness level is the goal then go for it. Fire 100% on that cylinder. But if you’re struggling with it and work is killing you and other demands are forcing you to fire 100% on those cylinders……..its ok. Its ok to put things on autopilot until those things ease up enough for you to “sprint” again. You’ll still be moving forward with the habits you built. And thats ok. Its only temporary. 


What I’m saying is balance is the key. That means its ok to have a drink with friends every once in a while. Its ok to eat whatever you want occasionally. As long as you understand the consequences and understand its for balance. Then when the time comes you go full speed in that cylinder and its ok to say no to friends for drinks. Its ok to not eat whatever you want for the sake of the goal you have in mind. Its only temporary. 


Im gonna go real deep on you right now………life is only temporary.


Find the balance to enjoy it.  Sprint where you need to. Coast when you have to. Sip when you’re in need. Focus when you feel its needed. Unfocus when its warranted.



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