Flipping the switch

Im big on mindset stuff. And January being the most important mindset month for everyone, im here with a request.


Here’s the thing, I need you to do me a favor. I need for you to do this little thing for me everytime before you hit the gym. I need you to look yourself in the mirror (any mirror) and ask yourself…….Am I gonna workout today? Or am I gonna train?


The answer you give will determine the type of results you get. 


It sounds like something simple and dumb. Like Oooook Jonathan that’s cool and all but I want abs dude! Give me some workout tips or something!!!!


This tip right here is more important than any tip I can give you (Insert your favorite just the tip jokes here). This tip is like a switch you flip. 



Warning: Before I go any further. If you don’t have any goals and are perfectly comfortable where you are at right now and don’t care about any results or anything stop reading now. No need to flip any switch. No need to change your mindset. You can go on about your way and sip coladas (save me some) or whatever it is you like to frolickly do.  


Now where was I???…..


Oh right……working out v.s. training. There’s a huge difference and its super important. 


Working out can mean anything. Working out can mean a few pushups here and there followed by some idle chatter and some in between sets tweets. Or it can mean just getting in there and moving to keep the health meter on this video game called life full. There’s nothing wrong with that if thats your thing. 


When you train, its an entirely different mindset. Its not just a here and there thing. Its a specific program to reach a specific goal. Each day is important and has its place in the program. Each training day is a stepping stone that leads you to that goal. Every rep, every set, every second counts. And the last set is always the best set. 


Athletes train. And the moment you set a goal and were serious about it, you became an athlete. So you’re not allowed to just “workout” anymore. 


(P.S. this pertains to outside of the gym too. The food you eat should nourish and help recover your body from training. Eat accordingly)


So when you ask you look yourself up and down in the mirror right before you hit the gym. Am I gonna train today, or am I just gonna workout? It sets the tone for the entire training session and Is a HUGE mindset shift towards your goals. 


Im dead serious (these moments are like carnivore rare so take advantage). Don’t let this small tip just be a thing you do once or twice then forget the habit altogether. I know its new year new me time and I know you’ve got big goals, but if I had to choose just one thing to make sure I do daily its this right here. The snowball effect this question has is unmeasurable. 


The best program in the world won’t do you any good if your mind isn’t in it. 


Make sure you flip the switch errrrrday.       

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