Female weight fluctuations explained

One of my biggest obstacles when it comes to coaching women (actually its everyone) is something that’s been practically hardwired for years. There are relationships one develops as they grow up. A relationship with your parents. A relationship with your friends. A romantic relationship. And for some reason, society has engrained in our minds that […]

ALT, CTRL, DELETE works on humans too

 Here’s an interesting factoid, if you hold ALT, CTRL, and DELETE at the same time itll shut down whatever youre program you’re on and restart it. Even though Im typing this on a Mac ive never actually tried it but I know for windows it does.    But there’s another cool thing about that combo […]

Supplement game 101 (2017 revised version)

Aside from “How do I get abs in 2 days” or “How do I get fit without working out”, “which supplements to take” remains my number 1 question asked.    It always seems like I’m pointing the finger at social media for preying on peoples naivety when it comes to supplements…..and for the most part […]

Falling off……The only advice you’ll ever need

 Im sure you’ve heard the phrase “I fell off the wagon”.  I’m willing to bet you’ve even said it a few times yourself.    I can’t think of how many times I’ve written about ways to get back on the “wagon” or how to pick up the pieces and keep on trucking.    From tips […]

20 thoughts on body recomposition

  If you do a google search on this blog for the most used words you’ll find that its either “I haven’t posted in a while”, or “It feels like I haven’t posted in forever”. Or some variation of that sentence. (Trust me, I did the search)     So ill keep that tradition going […]

One of the biggest untold secrets in the fitness game

  Note to self: Nature and physics show an ebb and flow to all things. The tides ebb and flow. Nature goes through seasons. There’s day and night. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. All these clues pointing you to one of the most important things to learn in life. Even the […]

The stories we tell

  One thing that I dont agree with about people is that some are great story tellers. The truth is we’re all great story tellers.    Maybe not great story tellers to others. But we’re all great story tellers to ourselves. How else can you explain people’s beliefs about themselves or their habits and what […]

You do you

  When I first started out on my own I was clueless of everything. I didn’t know the first thing about going on your own or business in general. Talk to me about fitness and nutrition and I can talk to you all day. But talk to me about business and ill look at you […]

Flipping the switch

Im big on mindset stuff. And January being the most important mindset month for everyone, im here with a request.   Here’s the thing, I need you to do me a favor. I need for you to do this little thing for me everytime before you hit the gym. I need you to look yourself […]