The Best Answer To Every Fitness question


In the nutrition world there are a lot of myths that are still held as facts. Sometimes after some research we realize that those facts end up being actual facts. Or things that were thought to be true ended up being ass backwards. Information is always changing.


Then there’s the inbetweeners. The things that are facts, but only to a certain extent.

(inbetweeners are kind of like the oneders……….if you don’t know this movie, move along *sigh*)


For example a calorie is a calorie would be an inbetweener. While it is true, a calorie is a calorie. The nutrient profile of said calorie makes all the difference in whatever goal a person has.


100 calories of potato chips and 100 calories of salmon are equal in calories. But which one do you think would be healthier for you and get better fat loss and muscle building. Please tell me you chose the salmon…………………ah ok good, you did.


Because of all this, I’ve learned the best answer to every fitness and nutrition question is…………………… depends.


Because it really does depend. There are so many factors involved and so many differences from person to person that there isn’t just one answer.


Someone asks me, “How do I build more muscle?”. I reply, it depends. Because it depends on things like their age, their training age (how many years they’ve been training), their food habits, their genetics, ect.


How about the age old question, “How do I get rid of my pooch?”. To which Ill answer, “It depends on what breed of dog it is. My family back home has some blue healers outside that refuse to ever leave”.


All jokes aside that question would still be answered with it depends. It depends on gender, training age, actual age, hormones (hormones play a huge role with fat loss), current diet, ect.


All of these things paint a bigger picture and help “diagnose” whats going on and what to do from there. A person that’s already doing extremely low carbs wouldn’t benefit from the simple answer of “try lowering your carbs a bit and see what it does”. Nope, for all we know that person could’ve been low carbi’n it (don’t worry its a real word that I made up) and over time could’ve run their metabolism to the ground. To which the best ideal remedy would be give your body some breathing room and raise the calories slowly. Don’t panic, but there will be some slight weight gain, but trust me it’ll help set up your metabolism for future consistent fat loss.


That was an actual scenario with a former client that reached the goals she wanted after a few months of getting things back to “normal”. Ill admit it was like pulling teeth.



Its hard to hear lets take 1 step back to take 2 steps forward and fully trust it. I understand. But would it have helped her if she would’ve gotten the general answer above about just lowering the carbs. Probably not. She probably would be worst off than before.


Moral of the story today is it always depends. Everyones unique and situations are unique. In order to have a successful plan………………let me rephrase that. In order to have a successful plan that works long term, you have to take into account a ton of things. Once you factor in everything then you’ll have a better picture of what to do and where you’re actually heading. Its not guaranteed that you’ll always be heading in the right direction. Only constant monitoring and tracking can help with that.


Its just like sailing a ship. Sure you’ll have your heading, but with the constant change of the seas you need to keep tracking and making sure you’re on the right course. Its inevitable that you’ll need to adjust your course along the way. But you’ll only do that by constantly tracking and monitoring where you’re heading.


How do you track, monitor, and adjust while you’re sailing?  ……………………….It depends 😉




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