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7 Principles To Guide You In 2017

  The new year is upon us and its time for the new year new me shenanigans.    But you’re not part of that crew right? Good!   Im not much of a resolution person. I feel like its changed from the way it was intended to be. Its no longer a declaration of a […]

Why You Can’t Lose Weight (Insulin)

  A few days ago I had this big elaborate blog about insulin sensitivity and how it affects you. It was like 95% done.   It was one of those things you sat back with and just admired in accomplishment because it took you forever to write.   Until I sat back and clicked update […]

How overweight people should work out

      Recently I sent an email out asking if there was anything that people would like to read more of or learn more of. I’ll be honest I didn’t expect the turn out that one simple question brought. It was AWESOME! I loved the questions and insight.      Plus it gave me […]

Motivation in a pill (Dopamine:The motivation molecule)

    Sometimes we get into ruts, funks, or lose our mojo. Everyone calls it something different. Each to their own. But it usually means the same thing.    Basically, “I lost my motivation”.   A quick google search and you’ll find dozens of articles on how you can get you’re groove back like Stella […]

Poh-teen French Toast

  I was playing around with recipes the other day and posted this pic and said if they came out good i’d post the recipe Now keep in mind I’m no 5 star chef. I don’t claim to be good at cooking. But I have seen ratatouille a couple of times and if a rat […]

Premeditated Mobility

  Premeditated is a funny word               The first thing that comes to mind is some sort of crime.         I’m not a psychopath or anything (I know im probably one of the “path” types though) but with all the crime shows that’s the first thing […]

Pit stop! Emergency on the go meals

  Q&A time!   “I forgot my breakfast/lunch/dinner, what’s something quick I can pick up that’s still healthy?“     If I don’t get asked this in person, i’ll at least get this question emailed or texted about 4-6x a day minimum.    The truth is you can find anything quick and healthy. As long […]

Getting Back On Track Like Usher

  Before I start, I need to ask you something.   Do you know Usher? You know the R&B singer? The one from The Faculty?     If you don’t know him then take this time to google a bit because it’s gonna relate a lot to what I’m about to tell you.   Got […]

Protein Cupcakes (seriously tastes legit)

    Trying to find the healthier alternative to some of your favorite meals or treats can leave you so traumatized you might not even want the real thing anymore.   Let’s face it, for most of us, taste is king. And a recipe that looks good on paper usually ends up being lackluster in […]

Guilt free salmon teriyaki (you can use this sauce on anything)

  Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring if you’re creative enough. Yea it might take some time but why would you not want to re create your favorite foods and make a better version that fits what you need.    Bland and boring straight up sucks and has you reaching for a “cheat” after […]