ALT, CTRL, DELETE works on humans too

 Here’s an interesting factoid, if you hold ALT, CTRL, and DELETE at the same time itll shut down whatever youre program you’re on and restart it. Even though Im typing this on a Mac ive never actually tried it but I know for windows it does. 


But there’s another cool thing about that combo that works more than just on a computer.


Let me essssplain


Changing habits are priority numero uno when it comes to nutrition for any goal. Habits are the make it or break it to long term success. But we all know that right.


The other big requirement for permanent change is self awareness. Its learning yourself and how you respond to things. There’s so much that goes on with self awareness but for now we’ll focus on how this ties into ALT, CTRL, and DELETE. 


Emotions drive our actions and habits more then we realize. These emotions can trigger certain actions or habits both good and bad. Learning these emotions and triggers is one of the best ways to keep yourself from “falling off the wagon” or giving your habits a little nudge in the right direction. (Self awareness remember)



The funny thing about emotion is that it really drives everything. EVERYTHING.


Tying emotion into anything really changes it up. Picture this, let’s say you set a goal for working out. Then 5am comes around and that goal of working out isn’t “working out” for you (bah dum tiss). Snooze is the first thing you hit.


Now lets say you attach emotion to it. Say for example the reason you actually wanted to start working out was to be in better shape for you kids and to see their face light up when you play outside with them rather than not being able to. Now tie that emotion to “Working out” and see how much that 5am alarm looks a little more friendly. 


SIDE NOTE: Save that tip for the future. The whole motivation doesnt last thing is true. This is my one of my favorite secret weapons to fix that. Attaching an emotion to either a goal or task keeps things going way after that motivation fades. 


Emotions can also trigger the opposite. The main emotional triggers that throw you off track and send you straight to fuck-itsville are Anger, Loneliness, and Tired (ALT). 


They will straight up rob your will power and discipline without you even knowing it. 



The good news is now you actually do know it. Now that we’ve shed some light on it and have made you “aware” of these three jerks you can actually do something about it. 


Thats where CTRL and DELETE come in.


Look, im not gonna lie and say its as simple as pushing two buttons and thats it its all gone. Thats wishful thinking and also cheesy as fuck if I told you all this only to end this article with an imaginary button combo to miraculously fix everything.


Nope. Im gonna help you with the most important step…….well….second most important. Actually being aware of ALT is most important.


Ill call it the most actionable step. Your CTRL button.


Once you recognize what your trigger for messing up on your nutrition is we can take the steps to control it.


Maybe you’re the type to snack or eat when you’re angry to either calm down or give you some sense of feel goods. Good for you for noticing that. Now lets do the old switcharoo and swap that out for something more productive. Some people like to hit things when they’re angry so why not hit a punching bag (not people, its frowned upon). Or pet some puppies or whatever animal you’re into. The point is to replace snacking or binging with any other activity that gives you the feel goods that is both healthy and productive. Not only will this keep you from derailing progress but itll rewire a new reward pattern in your brain. 


Maybe you snack or eat when you’re lonely. Cool just phone a friend and ta da, magic! Sometimes it isnt that simple with this one. Scheduling or other things that get in the way make this not always possible. But thats where I feel like a bit a further digging will help. Maybe its not so much loneliness but more boredom. Pick up a hobby or schedule something to do that gets going to counteract that. 


And lastly, maybe you snack or eat when you’re tired. This one is double threat because not only does it make cravings easier to show up, but it also robs you mentally of your willpower since you don’t have as much energy to muster to fight it. I really don’t have a big trick to this one. Everyone gets tired. Its one of the downsides to not being superhuman. But what I find that helps is knowing when I usually get tired and plan ahead. For example I know at the end of the day I get tired and it would be easier for me to just pick up something quick to eat or choose something thats not the best for me. So I have plan A which is already having a meal waiting for me at home. Or plan B which is having a healthier restaurant option in mind to head to. 


There’s a ton of ways to not let ALT get in your way and figure out what you can CTRL so the DELETE will take care of itself.


The trick is being aware of it when it’s going on and finding something that works for you.          



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