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I know the about us page is supposed to be where we put all the stuff that is supposed to get you to like us………….but I’ve never really been good at writing about myself or anything. I wanted the about us page to focus on who we are instead of what we’ve done.


I can tell you all the certifications I have (don’t worry they’re at the bottom), or every book I’ve read, every article I’ve written and for who, and so on. But that’s boring. I wanted this page to be about who we are. Do we have anything in common with you? Do you have a sense of humor (you’ll need one)?


So I had a better idea.


I asked our clients and friends to write it for us. I asked them a few questions about why they come to UPC and these were the answers.


What makes us unique?

You’re unique for many reasons. The “No Judgment Zone” environment you and Jen express. You’re welcoming and no matter how long it’s been you always let the client know they were missed. Not because you’re judging, but because their presence was missed. That makes a big difference.


What is your favorite thing about us?

You make it your mission to follow through with each client and get to know them on a personal level. Not only for business reasons, but in a way for selfish reasons. By knowing them personally you can start collaborating your thoughts on why their lifestyle habits have hindered their progress. That way you’re prepared to assist them when their ready.  You’re knowledge is a key as well and you share it continuously. You guys make people feel special. Everyone loves to feel special. You have a gift and you know how to use it.

People tend to leave because they have an image in their head of what a gym should look like. What’s even better is to see them come back. That alone is confirmation that they realize now what you have to offer and no one out there compares. It may not be words expressed about the gym, but it’s their actions. Actions speak louder than words!

Your gym is not a business it’s a family. Clients aren’t money signs they’re family members. That is well noticed when someone can’t pay their membership you work with them. When they’ve lost someone you reach out and make sure they’re ok. When you haven’t seen them in awhile, you reach out to them to see if they’re ok. When they cuss you out or just walk out you don’t judge them but welcome them back with open arms. You’re smile you keeps people coming back. Making them feel like their the only one in the room.


Why should anyone choose us over all the other options available?

YOU’RE YOU! Enough said…haha No but if someone asked me why you? I would say do you want to be told what to do? Or do you want to be given the tools mentally,  physically,  and emotionally on how to reach your goals. Your gym is a Life Changing center. Performance is built with in. You always work from the inside out and that’s how you get results.


I couldn’t have said it any better myself! At the end of the day Jen and I built this with these values in mind. We’re here to help any way we can.











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