7 Principles To Guide You In 2017


The new year is upon us and its time for the new year new me shenanigans. 


But you’re not part of that crew right? Good!


Im not much of a resolution person. I feel like its changed from the way it was intended to be. Its no longer a declaration of a promise. Now its something you post on social media and forget about it 3 months later. 


Im more of a goals and visions kinda guy. 


But i’ve written on goals in the past and haven’t changed much on the way I do them. 


So now I leave you with what I have no idea what else to call but principles.  Principles to follow and guide you on your journey through 2017    



1: Contrary To Popular Belief…..


Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT have all the time in the world. The cold hard truth is you never know when your time card gets punched. 


As a recovering procrastinator I know how easy it is to put things off or shove things aside for that mythical “one day”. The biggest cure to this is remember that that “one day” isn’t promised. Don’t put things off for another day that might get filled with unknown events or might not even come at all. 


Im not being dramatic nor cliche. Im just addressing and shedding light on something most people refuse to fully acknowledge or even think about. 


You are not immortal. But what you do and leave behind is. Act accordingly.     



2:  The Five Lifestyle Factors  


Let this be the year you finally come to terms with this journey being a lifestyle journey and not a temporary one. To quote a past client that reached their goal 4 months, only to stop taking care of nutrition and training. “Wait you mean I have to keep doing this for the rest of my life?!?!?!?”


Yes……. Yes you do. 


If you think of longevity and quality of life. Here are the things I feel are needed for that. A base of strength, Mobility, endurance, hormones, mental health.


The older you get the more likely you are to die from something. I can’t rememeber where but I saw chart that showed the likely causes of death and over the years how much it increases. 


Thats a given. 


But you can be in control for the most part on the quality of time you have here.  The human body was designed to stay primed for its lifespan. 


A base of strength is needed to be able to handle anything life throws at you. From picking up dog food to accidentally tripping and a hard foot plant won’t cause an injury because you have the strength and stability for it. 


Mobility is super needed as it really does affect quality of life. A person who neglects mobility is a person who is likely to have back problems, a hip replacement surgery, knee issues, ect. I can’t tell you how many times I see someone with certain issues which couldve been avoided by simply taking care of their mobility. And yes this is another one that is a daily and a life long thing. 


Endurance is needed to be able to keep up and keep the body healthy. When I say endurance I mean being able to keep up an activitity for an extended period of time. I also mean cardiovascular health. Nobody wants to go on vacation to see this once in a lifetime place but can’t because the cross country walk there is too much. 


Hormones are one of the most important things to take care of. They determine your vigor and quality of life. They dictate recovery, health, libido, happiness, and well being. A person in their 60’s-70’s who’ve kept their hormones ideal will be a person who looks, feels, and performs like they did in their 30’s. 


Mental health is probably the most important of all these, yet without any of the ones above it is hard to keep this one optimal. Neurochemicals such as dopamine and seratonin are needed physiologically and those are optimal when the body is optimal. Physcologically and strong mind needs a good environment to be able to build on and thrive. You should train your mind 2x the amount you train your body. Kaizen……..    



3: Be Selfish


Ill be the first one to tell you that I tend to look after everyone elses needs before my own at times and it ALWAYS ends with me hitting a wall because I forgot to look after numero uno. Its the age old quote (I have no idea by who) that says you can’t pour from an empty cup so be sure to prioritize refilling it. A.k.a you won’t have any of yourself left to give if you dont take care of yourself first. 


So be selfish. If you choose to do things and have goals that dont follow others wishes of you then be selfish. If your coworkers dont understand that you dont want that cheese danish every morning then thats on them. They’ll understand months later when you get to your goals and this isn’t a “temporary thing”. This can go with principle #6 and friends. 


Be sure to set some YOU time aside daily. Seriously daily. I wake up between 3:30 – 3:50 am not to be cool but because from 4am to 5am that hour is my ME TIME. And thats gold to me.     



4: The Past Does Not Define You


The habits of 2016 do not define you. 2016 sucked for many but everyday is a new day and the person or habits that were you last year doesn’t define who you are this year. Make a life audit in every aspect of your life 







Here’s where you need to be brutally honest and figure out what you need to work on and work on it aggressively. 


Find habits that didn’t work for you and change them. Yes i get it that its not easy changing habits, but its even harder if you dont take the time to pin point exactly what habit sucked and turning a blind eye to what needs to be changed. 


The past is just that. The past. Learn from it and focus on today.   



  5:  Nobody Cares (seriously)


We have someone who is part of our tight knit gym fam who likes to yell out “Nobody cares (whoevers name she directs it to at the time)!”. Usually its “nobody cares Greg!”.  She yells it whenever someone is showing off or going above and beyond. It’s now an inside joke and the entire gym says it. Its pretty funny. But there’s actually alot of truth to that.


All jokes aside the important thing about all of this is to take the ego out of it. If you’re doing this for recognition or if you’re doing this as a look at me look at me……then its not gonna work. It has to be about you and for you. Because the truth is nobody cares. Most people care about themselves. Im not saying this in a negative way. You have friends and family that will support you and take joy in your success. But its a basic human survival instinct. People choose think about themselves more often at the end of the day and its ok and only natural. Another quote that ill butcher, people rarely think about you as much as you think. So keep that in mind and dont take yourself so seriously or be bothered if no one else sees the hard work you put or prioritizes it as much as you do. At the end of the day its all for you right?  



 6:  Fun/ Family/ F**king (I couldn’t think of another F) / Friends/ Finances/ Freedom


Too many peeps are far too serious. Enjoy life rememeber this is a lifelong ride and not just a quick diet or training cycle. You’re in it for the long haul. So stop and smell the roses while you’re pulling weeds. 


Spend time with family and dont use your diet as an excuse or a reason to avoid them. Family is everything. Regardless of your relationship with them its something that should be cherished. 


libido is huge its a big indicator of hormones and you should use it as a gauge for health. Science has proved that libido is directly correlated to longevity. Keep it up to par and use it responsibly 😉


Find friends that make you better and support you surround yourself with them. The age old saying of you are who you hang out with is one of the truest one out there. So surround yourself with the people who help you grow and support you along the way. 


Money is important for health happiness and resources. Change your mindset about it and use it rather than allowing it to use you. Its not as evil as people make it out to be. One of the best things you can do for yourself in 2017 is get this part in check. Its part of being a responsible adult and part of the next “F” in this piece. (I feel older and more adultish just writing that.)


Freedom is completely different for everyone for some it may mean not having to count macros for others is being able to be injury free to be able to do what you wanna do when you wanna do it.    



7:  Discipline Is Pimp


The biggest factor for any goal is being consistent. And the biggest factor of consistency is discipline. To go even deeper self discipline is what is needed.


At the end of the day if its important to you then only you are responsible for doing it. Workout partners are great for accountability. But if you have self discipline then you’ll be sure to hit any goal regardless if your workout partner bails or you dont have one.


Remember point 3 and 5, this is about you. This one is one that for a while I tried to get around. Not in a lazy way but it felt like there was a secret way to get there without it. And you know what? There isn’t. Theres no way around it. Nothing trumps hard work and consistency and it takes discipline in order to do so.   




Im pretty sure as the year goes by i’ll add more to this list. But I strongly recommend you add a little bit of your own flavor to this list and add to it or remove where you see fit. 


Here’s to a new year 😉



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