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"So I started on a health journey 8 weeks ago. Not only did I lose weight, but I claimed my health back. I have more energy, clarity, and a true sense of accomplishment. Thank you Jonathan for giving me the essentials, to know how to eat, when to eat and how my body consumes what I put in and why. Thanks for always being there. Not only are you a genius at what you do, but your passion for what you do shows, each and everyday. There's never a "bad day" in this guy's face, and if he's having one, it never shows. Granted, I have a longggggg way to go still, but I look forward to the next 8 weeks, and the 8 after. There's no going back. Ever."

- Maggie




“I have been at Get Sexy SA for close to a year, my journey has been extremely positive but also a struggle.  I use to not be a morning person but I forced myself 3 times a week to make the 6:00 a.m. bootcamp it helped having a friend be there too.  As time went it on it got easier to wake up, I felt myself getting stronger but I wanted more results.  Jon presented his nutrition plan to me but I kept saying I wasn’t ready.  I’m glad I did not partake till Experiment 626.  I wanted to be mentally prepared to undergo what he was going to put me through.  I knew it was not going to be easy or cheap (which is exactly why I kept waiting).  I thought to myself often, if I’m going to do this then I need to be mentally ready so I don’t waste my time, his time and money.   

 Both Jon and Jen were there for this program 24/7 giving us ideas, recipes answering any and all questions, at any time of the day or night.  That is how dedicated they are to their clients and that is why I wanted to make sure I gave this program my all.  

After almost a year of being a member I felt mentally ready.  I was seeing results but knew I needed to get my eating under control.  What I have gained from this program, were things I never expected.  I knew I was going to learn what to eat and not eat, I knew I was going to get meal plans and workouts but I didn’t realize I was going to learn about my body and how it reacts to certain food.  I knew I was going to get results but I didn’t realize how drastic they would be.   

This program is not easy and you MUST be accountable for your slip-ups.  At the beginning I started off strong and ready to tackle the meal plans and workouts but I found out my body was not so ready.  No carb week was tough; I was grumpy, hungry and tired.  I could not wait for cheat meal day.  I did what everyone was ready to do and over indulged.  My body, however, did not like that at all and come to find out my body didn’t like cheat meal days from that day forward.  So I learned just because I had cheat day doesn’t mean go all out.  

 To sum this program up it is completely worth it.  If you stay on track, manage your food and say NO to every temptation then the results will be amazing.  Jon gave me the tools and knowledge to succeed after this program but most importantly taught me the value of mindset.  Mindset is the most important because without it then cheating comes easy.   

 In all I started this program at a weight of 119 lbs. dropped to 108.2 lbs.  My body fat went from 39% to 22.2%.  I am so proud to now be a member of Underground and use weights to tone my body.  I can’t wait to see how my body progresses.  “









“Well my before pic may not show its justice but I’m super proud of my outcome so far! I was never one to wear fitted clothes, but finding myself more comfortable in doing so. This has been a huge learning experience in not depending on the scale, but learning what I put in my mouth and how much to put in my workouts. I look forward to the next program  Jonathan Acosta and Jennifer Martinez-Acosta and thank you for getting me this far. I still have a long way to go.😊💪💪”

– Sandra







“I’ve been working out and eating right for 8 weeks!! Thank you Jonathan Acosta for making us work so hard!”

– Lori







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  • Gregg G

    What I learned from all of this is… pre-workout in moderation. That, and the term “bag o’cats” comes to mind. rib eye.

    July 22, 2015 at 1:29 pm

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