4 Step Formula To ALWAYS Succeed







You know, there are tons of motivational videos and posts out there. But something’s missing. I love them and they fire me up. But they lack a certain je ne sais quoi (I’ve been reading a lot of books with big words in them).







The truth is I feel like they leave you stranded. They take you to the deep end of the pool, the part that you were so scared of. The part that is a million miles away from your comfort zone. That’s great and all but they miss one major component. They don’t teach you how to swim. They drag you to the deep end without teaching you how to swim.



Well today I’m going to teach you how to swim from my perspective. When I was a kid, my uncles taught me how to swim. And by that I mean they pushed me and my brother off the doc and watched us flop around like a fish outta water. Except we were in water………does that analogy apply here?  Moving on.



Back to teaching you to swim. I love all the motivational things out there. It makes the world a better place. But theres a formula that they miss. They forget to teach you this formula.



This formula makes sure you ALWAYS succeed. It’s funny because its not really a secret but it kinda is. Deep down everyone knows this formula and has it in them. Yet most people ignore it and leave it as just that. A secret.


So here is the soon to be patented ,”Jonathan’s formula to ALWAYS succeed“.



Step 1- Never give up.

This is the most important piece to the formula. Everything will crumble if this step is skipped or missed. Right off the bat you need to adopt a never give up mentality. That shouldn’t even be in your DNA. Don’t quit, don’t give up, don’t stop.


I wasn’t raised to give up and I’m missing that gene so ill be damned if I let you catch that infection.




Got it?





Step 2- Be resilient



That is one of my favorite words ever! Along with pizza, cupcakes, deadlifts, and so on. Along the lines of never giving up, you need to learn to be resilient. You see shit happens. But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.


Shit is always going to happen. The moment you come to terms with this, is the moment that the word resilient will mean something to you.


Be strong enough to take the hits. Lost your job, got all red lights on the way to work, a group project gets fumbled because one of the team members is slacking, ect. Shit happens. That doesn’t matter, what matters is what are you gonna do about it.


If you don’t know, then refer back to step 1.



Step 3- Adapt


The human body is an amazing machine. Let me rephrase that, the human body is an amazing adapting machine. It will put up with whatever you throw at it and adapt. Your mind is no different. The real difference is that you have control over your mind. You decide how to react to things.


I love the country part of my hometown. I love to just chill outside and hang with my gramps. One particular day my grandpa said something to me that has stayed with me since then. He said he was proud of everything I’ve done and knew out of anybody, I could do anything. I know its your grandpa’s job to fluff you up. But I was curious. Why me? Why do you say that. He said because you’re different. You don’t like to suffer, and that’s not a bad thing. Nobody does. We can endure suffering but you’re different. You don’t like to suffer, so you adapt. You make sure that once you go through something or deal with something, it never affects you the same way again. You adapt to it.


I didn’t think too much about it at the time. Truthfully I hadn’t seen my grandpa in over a month so I chalked it up to him just missing me and stuff. But I thought more about it and came to the realization that if more people could adapt, then they could over come anything.


The human body can adapt to anything you throw at it. It’s time for you to realize that so can your mind. Adopt an adapt mentality and you’ll never get affected by anything the same again.



Step 4- Learn.


Adopt the kaizen principle. Constant learning.


This ties into step 3. The only way to truly adapt to anything is to learn from it. Constant learning is the icing on the cake to this formula.


Learn as much as you can from everything. From school, from situations, environments, everything.


That’s where growth comes from and thats the secret formula to success.



Still don’t see how these 4 steps tie into whatever goal or thing you wanna do?


Here ill show you.



A man/woman wants to become a doctor. Its their life goal to become a doctor. They learned as much as they could at school and got the grades for it, but they couldn’t afford the schooling for it.


Most people quit there. STEP 1- never give up


The man/woman goes through 4 years of work and saves enough to finally go to school to become a doctor. They went through hell and back just to pay for it and now its their time. Had they given up then we wouldn’t be this far into the story.


Along the way, the man/woman has trouble with doctorate school because of a shitty professor that is determined to flunk them.




The man/woman sucks it up and grits through the semester. They changed their “why me” mentality to “try me”. They took the hits and they’re close to the reward.


They see that another class with a very good professor opened up. The only problem is the scheduling for it sucks. The man/woman would have to work all night then go straight to class and take a mini nap in between. Only to go back to the night class and do it all over again.




Thats where they adapted and took on that schedule. They know its only temporary. And in the grand scheme of things. Living a year like this would pay off ten folds in the long run.


From there they finish and graduate. They’ve finally become a doctor. After 10 years, they finally attached a Phd to their name. It doesn’t stop there though.


They keep learning




Because its not enough to just be a doctor, they set out to be a damn good one.


So the learning never stops.



See! Yes it was a long story, and yes it was hypothetical but you catch my drift.


This is the formula I’ve learned to do anything and everything. Lookout for the patent on it. It should be coming soon.






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